Third horizon caribbean film festival

Forged by a few centuries worth of migration, colonialism and the pooling together of peoples of African, Spanish, British, Dutch, Chinese, East Indian descent, the Caribbean is one of the most multicultural places on earth, with wholly new cultures having arisen out of this already-melted pot. Its stories are far more interesting than anything pitched to you in any tourist brochure, and its time for them to be told on the big screen.  The Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival aims to celebrate and empower the filmmakers leading this charge and promote the films which tell the stories of this region, its people, the diasporas which formed them and the diasporas they in turn formed.

The Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival was founded in 2014 when Third Horizon was one of the winners of the Knight Arts Challenge. The inaugural edition of the festival was staged in 2016 in partnership with Caribbean Film Academy, a Brooklyn-based not-for-profit organization whose core mission is to support and distribute the work of Caribbean filmmakers. It returned in 2017, and is currently gearing up for its third edition.

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