Papa Machete

Papa Machete is a glimpse into the life of Alfred Avril, an aging subsistence farmer who lives in the hills of Jacmel, Haiti. He also happens to be a master of the mysterious martial art of Haitian machete fencing, also known as Tire Machèt. Teaching about the practical and spiritual value of the machete—which is both a weapon and a farmer’s key to survival—Avril provides a bridge between his country’s traditional past and its troubled present. The film documents his proud devotion to his heritage and his struggle to keep it alive in the face of contemporary globalization. Directed by Jonathan David KanePapa Machete world premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2014, U.S. premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2015, and has since screened at more than 30 film festivals around the world. It was later selected as Vimeo's pick of the day and has been received more than 1 million views on outlets such as and

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Swimming in your skin again

A film about motherhood, banality, Miami, the water, the divine feminine, and how to sing in church in a way that calls forth your own adulthood.

In 2014, we were honored to be brought on board as the co-producers of acclaimed director Terence Nance's Swimming in Your Skin Again, which was commissioned and produced by Borscht Corporation for the 2014 Borscht Film Festival. The film later had its world premiere at the 2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam, screened at Sundance 2016, and won high praise from various critics, including  The New Yorker's Richard Brody:

"Beginning with a lyrical view of a young man and woman who turn up as apparitions at a stirring musical service in a small church, Nance expands his vision to a sort of artistic cosmogony; by way of ecstatic imagery, thrillingly balletic performances, and a mighty sense of humor, he sketches a personal mythology of black American history and culture."